Top features

  • Monthly Pre-Recorded Webinar Consultation
  • Tested and Proven Methods
  • Development Strategies for You and Your Church
  • Multitudes of Various Topics
  • Impactful Leadership Training
  • Just a few of the topics included: 

    •Crafting a Sermon

    •Leading a Meeting

    •Planning a Church Budget

    •Developing a Discipleship Strategy for Your Church

    •Launching a New Service


Revitalized Method Consultation Package

Each month comes with a video training taught by pastors with the smoke of battle still lingering. These methods are not theory from a classroom. They have been tested, adapted, and proven. You’ll get insights that will help you avoid pitfalls; help you lead your staff; and deal with many things not taught as Seminary.

With an annual subscription, you get 12 method trainings that will boost your growth as a pastor at a huge discount!



Connect with experts who can coach you and help you lead your local church.

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